Holiday baskets in the warehouse?

On Saturday, Anna and I made our weekly trek down to the ‘warehouse’ store to stock up on supplies for Anna’s Gourmet Goodies. I’ve noticed displays of those ‘cookie tins’ (the ones that stay fresh for months or even years) showing up over the past few weeks, but they have now rolled out the gift packs in quantity. I guess the early season for holiday shopping has begun – I spotted a large center isle display of those shrink wrapped gift baskets with candy canes in them. Is it really time to see this in stores?

Like most companies in the gift business, we are already taking reservations for the holidays. Everything we do is baked to order, so we reserve ‘oven time’ to bake and ship our gourmet cookies for customers. We plan ahead, we just don’t bake ahead. Our family gave up foods with chemical additives and preservatives when we went on the Feingold Program and had our cookies certified. We use no ingredient that contains any petro chemicals, dyes or preservatives, and we simply don’t make anything that can be left out for weeks, let alone months. The holiday season is a crazy time for us, but we think the results are worth the effort.

The financial upheaval we are all watching unfold will most certainly have an effect on our economy and spending over the coming months and years. I expect retail businesses will start the push earlier than ever this year and it will be interesting to see how this season shakes out. I guess I’m okay with candy canes in September, but if I see a Valentine display of any kind, I’ll know we’ve gone a holiday too far.

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